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Virtual Interpreting

Bullseye Translation offers professional virtual interpreting services in all main languages via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or any other platform of our client's choosing. We've been providing virtual interpreting services to hospitals, private doctor practices, schools, law firms, courts, businesses and private parties.

Virtual interpreting technology is a perfect solution during modern day COVID-conscious times. An interpreter can go with you virtually anywhere without the actual need to be physically present. You can choose to have video or audio only and access our service via computer or phone. System requirements: a good wi-fi or phone reception signal. Virtual interpreting can be provided as a single appointment arrangement or on-demand by special contract with Bullseye Translation. If you are interested in discussing on-going business opportunities, Please call 925.998.8961 or e-mail

For one-time call:

E-mail or call us to set up date and time of your virtual meeting.

Set-up your virtual meetings as usual, and email us a link for an interrpeter to join in when you are ready. Otherwise let us know, and we can set up your meeting for you.

Bullseye Translation provides virtual interpreting services at competitive prices. Please contact us for more information.

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