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Audio & Video Transcription

Bullseye Translation offers transcription of audio & video recordings in English and other primary languages spoken in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Most of our work has been in the media, legal, and government sectors.

Our professional transcribers/translators will give you the best quality transcriptions and translations – always meeting your deadlines and ensuring the high level of accuracy.

Transcription – is a written script of what was said word for word as is, be it in English or other language. If your recording was in Spanish, your transcription will be typed in Spanish. If the recording is in Spanish and English, so will be your transcript. After the initial transcription is finished, a qualified translator will translate the foreign text in the transcript into English. Sometimes our clients prefer that we use a dual sided template, where the original transcription is on the left side, and the transcription/ translation (in English) is on the right. This way you can compare transcription vs. translation, if necessary. This has been a preference for the legal transcription/ translation jobs.

This two step-process of first transcribing and then translating has proven to be more accurate than “direct translation” from an audio or video source.

Once the initial transcription/translation is finished, it will go through our QA process. Usually quality assurance process will include proofreading by another translator/ editor, making sure the transcription is accurate against the recording, and the translation is the complete and correct representation of the original foreign transcript. And finally, an editor will check for the correct grammar and punctuation.

Once your transcription/ translation project is finished it is send back to you in Word (or the format requested).

We pride ourselves on always producing the best quality work possible, as our client’s satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our goal is to be your business’ provider for years to come.

Some of the contexts we have worked with in the past:

  • WAV, MP3, MP4 
  • Interview
  • Telephone calls
  • Conference
  • DVD
  • RealPlayer
  • Windows Media Player

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